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An interoperable security platform that enables monitoring an area of interest. It is a suite of real-time data-centric technologies that will provide actionable information regarding an area to crisis managers during crises due to normal or abnormal events.


The PCCDN Tool receives data from the wireless sensors on the structure (strain, acceleration, position and temperature sensors). Provides sensor data to the calculation modules and receives data from the monitoring– based structural assessment module on the damage state of the structural elements and the overall structure and from the damage, loss and needs assessment module on repair needs, debris and functionality of the monitored building. From the remote sensing via UAV the PCCDN Tool receives information on collapsed and intact buildings, presence of damage, debris and rubble piles around the building. PCCDN users, be they NGOs, government agencies, humanitarian agencies or financial institutions will be able to log into the system and retrieve information regarding an area of interest, which may have one or more facilities that are being monitored. The information will include recovery operation information, damage states, sensor data, satellite data, meteorological data, etc.


Features: Based on web sensors, service-oriented-architecture, interoperability through the use of OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards


Benefits: Convenience, reusability, reliability, future expansion


Justification within the overall System: The PCCDN Tool acts as an intelligent intermediary between the user of the system and the results obtained from the various other modules.




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