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Infrared thermometers have the ability to measure object temperatures contactless. The product "Micro-Elsilon Miniature Pyrometer" is to be used by SHOX. The spectral response of this product is 8-14μm and produces an analogue voltage proportional to the detected tempera-ture. This Pyrometer provides analogue output in ranges 0-5V or 0-10V depending on user request. It is capable of measur-ing temperatures between -40 and 1030°C; A set of checks were carried-out to test the accuracy of the measured temperature. The analogue output voltage for corresponding temperature was measured. The output voltage was convert-ed to temperature and compared with a thermocouple result. A K-type thermocouple was also used to independent-ly measure the temperature. Pyrometer result was compared with thermocouple based measurement. Both results were very close, within 2% of each other. The Pyrometer satisfies the requirements of structural engineers for the majority of cases. These Pyrometers seamlessly integrate with data-acquisition systems. Thus, real-time and continuously updated assessment of temperature changes can be monitored for facilities.


This non contact infrared temperature sensor is the world’s smallest IR instrument. With just the compact optical head left, this instrument is perfect for the integration in space restricted applications. The electronic is miniaturized and integrated inside the sensor cable. The CSmicro is fully programmable and is available in four basic models, where each has a unique feature to succeed in the most challenging applications.

  •   Measuring range from -40 to 1600°C

  •   Robust precision silicon optics with AR coating

  •   Integrated controller with LED alarm indicator and smart electronic sighting support,

  •       Selfdiagnostic or temperature code indication

  •   Up to 125°C ambient temperature without cooling

  •   Micro electronics integrated into the cable, field programmable; adjustable emissivity

  •   Analogue output: 0 - 10V or 0 - 5V, 2wire current option, alarm output

  •   Short circuit and reverse polarity protection

  •   8...14μm spectrum or short wavelength model with 1.6μm

  •   Optional USB programming interface and software

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