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Structure Assess


Structural analysis procedure and the corresponding software for the structural condition assessment of the building under normal operating conditions and after destructive events due to earthquakes, explosions and fires.


Brief description of the function:

  1. Operating conditions: Calculation of actual live loads and foundation settlements based on strain gauge measurements.

  2. Earthquake: Calculation of the inter-storey drift, the damage indices of the structural members and the global instability index, based on the acceleration measurements.

  3. Explosion: Initial estimation of the destroyed structural members, based on the accelerometers’ and tags’ measurements, followed by the procedure for the earthquake scenario.

  4. Fire: Calculation of the maximum temperatures developed at each one structural member, based on temperature measurements, their  effect on the material properties and the safety factors of the members.


From the records of the sensors that are stored in the PCCDN, the corresponding to each one scenario analysis procedure is executed by using the prepared software combined with the commercially available finite element structural analysis software SAP 2000.


Features: Applicable to multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings, minimum number of sensors required, estimation of the structural condition for each one structural member and for the whole structure.


Benefits: Accurate, detailed and near real-time assessment of the structural condition with the minimum installation cost.


The records from the sensors are utilised for the structural assessment of the members and of the whole structure, which constitutes the basis for the repair specifications and the estimation of the repair costs.

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