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How SHOX Works


SHOX acts like an aircraft ‘black box’ or nervous system for a building or structure.  It provides a monitoring system for the building or structure in a near real time, reliable manner. It uses sensors to continuously update an assessment of the operational loadings and structural condition of the building, during normal operation and should a disaster occur.  In the event of a disaster, it has enough detail to be useful for early and full recovery planning.


It uses state of the art sensors to provide detailed information about movement and stress and  temperature conditions within the building structure.  Additionally it collects satellite and aerial (UAV) imaging data for the monitored straucture.  All of this data is transmitted to a central 'cloud based' monitoring hub. Through computer anlysis, SHOX reports the structural health of the building. 3D models allow damage to be visualised and animated- suitable for engineers, rescue workers and building owners. This creates an accessible pool of information which can be accessed remotely.


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