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Accelerometers to provide raw acceleration data, datahubs to collect data from all sensors (wired and wireless) and pass them on to the gateway in agreed format and with agreed metadata.  


The data from the accelerometers is used to evaluate the inter-story drift, as well as horizontal translations and rotations within the building. The accelerometers further serve the role as first-detectors on events, allowing the datahubs to wake up the rest of the system


Features: High performance, low powered, high longevity

Benefits :Accurate measurement of acceleration, to yield velocity and displacement which will be used to analyse various outputs. Reliable collection and dissemination of all connected sensors’ data.


The accelerometers provide one of the most critical data inputs which is used for analysing the behaviour and status of a building. The acceleration data are used to provide information with regards to the behaviour of the building and assess the safety of the building after or during an incident. The inclusion of accelerometers is fundamental, without which the minimum required analysis can’t be undertaken. The datahubs are the most critical components of the system infrastructure in terms of reliably collecting and forwarding sensor data to the system core PCCDN analysis engine.





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